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Salem al Housny as Car Recovery Abu Dhabi has been
serving for car recovery, breakdown, Car battery replacement, flat tyre, tyre change, pull out from the sand, desert car recovery, 4×4 car recovery, towing, and other
related issues in Abu Dhabi since 2008. Our abreast and
the ready team is fully loaded and equipped with expert and
trained staff, that is qualified to deal with Abrupt Engine
failures, Jump Start, Basement Pullout, Towing etc with
rapid response after receiving your call.

Our expertise comes in handy to deal with any situation. The team at Car Recovery Abu Dhabi is upskilled and knows the insights to all aspects and technicalities of vehicles of all types and sizes automatic, manual, convertibles, luxury cars, sports cars, economy, 4×4 cars and family cars. We are happy to assist you in your car breakdown situations and any electrical and mechanical failure in the vehicle. We save your time and let you reach where you want.

We are trust earners of many clients and customers to provide exclusive, affordable, and up-to-mark services. Our flatbed and slide bed towing services are at your disposal for car recovery up to extra miles in Abu Dhabi, 24 hours a day. You can contact us to resolve all problems regarding towing services, Flat Tyre, Replacement Tyre, Battery Changing, Jump Start, Basement Pullout, Recovery Breakdown Cars, pull out from sand, desert car recovery, and Purchasing Scrap Cars.

We are committed to our aim, and our aim keeps clientele satisfaction at priority. In case of a car breakdown on the roadside, middle of the road, away from busy areas, we will reach you in a flash to resolve your issue, whichever it is. Our team dispatched the fastest as possible after your contact with the company via phone call, WhatsApp, or for your car recovery at a reasonable price. Our timely and satisfactory customer service is our referral to you for contacting us in any car emergency.

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Our Featured Services

Salem al Housny Breakdown Vehicles Carrying & Transportin is offering best recovery services in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We provide fast,
courteous and inexpensive towing services in Abu Dhabi. We are fully insured and been in business since 2008. We are ready to respond
to all your vehicle emergency needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Car Recovery
Towing Service

Car Recovery Services Abu
Dhabi provides the slide bed
and flatbed Car Towing . . .


Car Recovery
Sports Car Recovery

Don’t take any risk; call an
expert for your Sports
Car Recovery . . .


Car Recovery
Jump Start

Does your car look for Jump
Start services? If your car
battery gets dead in the. . .


Car Recovery
Breakdown Cars

Breakdown cars recovery is
our expertise. . .


Car Recovery
Flat Tyre

Getting annoyed because of
a flat Tyre and the spare tyre
is missing. . .


Car Recovery
Replacement Tyre

No need to do the Grunt
work for Replacement Tyre.
Call a helper to. . .


Car Recovery
Basement Pullout

Get access to your car with
Basement Pullout services.
We are experienced. . .


Car Recovery
Scrap Cars

Want to sell your old car or
junk car? We deal . . .


Car Recovery
Car Battery

Battery Changing issues
should not interfere. . .


Car Recovery
Desert Pull-Out Services

Car Recovery Abu Dhabi is a professional team of
ingeniously experienced. . .


Car Recovery
Car Unlock Service

You could be anxious about how you will get back inside. . .


Car Recovery
Replacement Tyre

No need to do the Grunt
work for Replacement Tyre.
Call a helper to. . .


Car Recovery Abu Dhabi

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Car Recovery Abu Dhabi

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Car Recovery Abu Dhabi

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Car Recovery Abu Dhabi

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Car Recovery Abu Dhabi
Car Recovery Abu Dhabi
Car Recovery Abu Dhabi
Car Recovery Abu Dhabi
Car Recovery Abu Dhabi

What Our Customers
Say About Us

Professional and Very respectful! Reasonable price for replacing the flat tyre on the spot. Thank goodness, I got back on the road within 15 minutes. 

Very Satisfied with their services!

Aina Sultan

Flat Tyre

Worked twice with them. Sold a blown engine and one accident-damaged car to them. And guess what? I got decent cash, more than my expectation for both scarp cars, without any boring negotiations. Thanks! Very grateful.

Daniel Joshua

Scarp car

I can’t thank them enough for the flatbed towing of my sports Audi to my repair shop. Timely and professional tow truck drivers.  

Highly recommend for quality services! 

Khalid Ahmed

Sports car
Car Recovery Abu Dhabi

I got my car in a minor accident on the road and made a call to Irfan and he was there in the next 20 minutes. Very experienced car technician and affordable breakdown recovery.


Omar Silas

Car Recovery Abu Dhabi

First time working with this company. Good experience so far! 

I was standing stuck and helpless with a dead battery on the roadside in Shamkha. These people are quick and dependable. They jump-start my car in 2 minutes. 

Ellen Riley

Car battery
Car Recovery Abu Dhabi

Amazing services, Malik! Thumbs up to Car Recovery Abu Dahbi!
Great customer service and good arrival times. Easy to access and friendly and responsive staff just a call away. No hassles of long registration. Best ever towing services in Abu Dhabi!

Mohammad Abdullah Al-Balushi


Types of Services That You Could Need From Car Recovery Abu Dhabi

Accessing a reliable and trustworthy car recovery service in Abu Dhabi might be beneficial. The most crucial of these features is the ability to retrieve your car in an emergency or after an unfortunate accident. Moreover, when it comes to serving customers, recovery service in Abu Dhabi is always ready. This is the point at which the knowledge of experts regarding any car or sports car recovery in Abu Dhabi becomes useful. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the most common car recovery services we are prepared to provide at all hours of the day or night.

Rescue of Accidental Vehicles

It’s sad that the more cars there are on the road, the more likely one will get in a collision. Because of this, a recovery service is ready to retrieve a wrecked car as quickly as possible to prevent more traffic congestion and accidents. There are several potential contexts in which a traffic collision could occur. Providing professional services for car recovery in Abu Dhabi 24 hours, we arrive with the necessary equipment to retrieve the vehicle without risk. As a result, we keep a wide variety of cars on hand to respond to any emergency with the least amount of financial impact.

Engine Broke Down

After flat tyres, a malfunctioning engine is the most prevalent cause of needing towing services while on the road. If the car’s engine dies, you’re stuck there. Therefore, contacting a reliable car recovery service is crucial if your car’s engine has failed, as moving it might be dangerous. Therefore, we better address the issue and retrieve your vehicle from a hazardous or inaccessible location.

Several Holes Punctured

Having a spare is a good idea if you acquire a flat tyre while travelling. Even so, what if you manage to ruin more than one tyre? Dial the number of our flat tyre services in Abu Dhabi. It may seem unlikely that a car would experience numerous flat tyres at once, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Passenger cars can only store one spare tyre and cannot routinely transport more. The need for reliable roadside help becomes evident in this scenario.

Blocks of Terrain

Off-road excursions are popular among the most daring drivers. However, even if your car is built for off-roading, it is still possible for it to become mired in the mud or snow. A rookie driver is more likely to have trouble and become stranded in challenging terrain. At this point, most people decide to contact a car recovery agency. When you call for our car recovery service, we will assess the problem as quickly as feasible.

Dead Battery

Modern car systems are automatic; a properly charged battery is essential for safe and reliable transportation. In particular, battery-powered electric vehicles. Secure and timely recovery of a car with a dead battery requires the best services of a towing company.

Why choose Car recovery Abu Dhabi?

  • Car recovery Abu Dhabi has earned a reputation as a top-tier 24-hour accident recovery service.
  • We’ve won the confidence of our valued clients by consistently providing them with innovative, reasonably priced, and creative services.
  • Our 24-hour towing services in Abu Dhabi provide many options for vehicle retrieval up to additional kilometres.
  • Issues that may include desert recovery, car unlock service, and sports car recovery in Abu Dhabi can be discussed with us.
  • If you need your vehicle recovered quickly, you can contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer in Abu Dhabi?

Our towing services in Abu Dhabi are quick, professional, and reasonably priced. In addition, we’re a licensed company with complete insurance coverage. So if you ever have an emergency with your vehicle, we are here for you.

What are you specializing in?

Car Recovery Abu Dhabi specializes in car recovery, breakdown, battery replacement, flat tyre, tyre change, pull out from the sand, desert car recovery, 4×4 car recovery, towing, and other related problems in Abu Dhabi.

What makes you trustworthy for your customers?

Affordable prices, skilled professionals and high-quality car recovery services and products make us one of the most recognized and trustworthy towing companies in Abu Dhabi.

Are you a licensed car towing company in Abu Dhabi?

Yes! We own a fully registered company and have been serving for years. Our towing professionals utilize fully approved equipment and accessories to assure your safety and satisfaction.

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