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Are You Stuck Somewhere Away from Home? Car Recovery Abu Dhabi is Awaiting Your Call!

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Worried About Car Battery Replacement & Breakdown? We are an Unmatchable & Rapid Response Unit of experienced Lads

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car towing-service


Car Towing Service via Car recovery services Abu Dhabi tow your vehicle for all short and long distances with a secure tow truck. 24/7 Towing service for car breakdown recovery.
Car Recovery Abu Dhabi


Car recovery services Abu Dhabi provide well-grounded Sports Car Recovery using flatbed towing trucks at a fair price. Hire recovery services and deliver your vehicle to your desired place.
car jump start


Your car battery needs boosting? Use 24/7 Jump Start Services of Car recovery services Abu Dhabi to revive the normal charging system for your vehicle’s discharged or dead battery.
car replace tyre


Car recovery services Abu Dhabi’s excellent road assistance services include the Replacement Tyre facility as well. The trained staff manages all the replacing and overhauling of tyres.


Car Recovery, Battery Replacement, Tyre Change, and Towing Service in Abu Dhabi.

Salem al Housny as Car Recovery Abu Dhabi has been serving for car recovery, breakdown, Car battery replacement, flat tyre, tyre change, towing, and other related issues in Abu Dhabi since 2008. Our abreast and ready team is fully loaded and equipped with expert and trained staff, that is  qualified to deal with Abrupt Engine failures, Jump Start, Basement Pullout, Towing etc with rapid response after receiving your call.


Our expertise comes in handy to deal with any situation. The team at Car Recovery Abu Dhabi is upskilled and knows the insights to all aspects and technicalities of the vehicles of all types and sizes automatic, manual, convertibles, luxury cars, sports cars, economy, and family cars. We are happy to assist you in your car breakdown situations and any electrical and mechanical failure in the vehicle. We save your time and let you reach where you want.


We are trust earners of many clients and customers to provide exclusive, affordable, and up-to-mark services. Our flatbed and slide bed towing services are at your disposal for car recovery up to extra miles in Abu Dhabi, 24 hours a day. You can contact us to resolve all problems regarding towing services, Flat Tyre, Replacement Tyre, Battery Changing, Jump Start, Basement Pullout, Recovery Breakdown Cars, and Purchasing Scrap Cars.


We are committed to our aim, and our aim keeps clientele satisfaction at priority. In case of a car breakdown on the roadside, middle of the road, away from busy areas, we will reach you in a flash to resolve your issue, whichever it is. Our team dispatched the fastest as possible after your contact with the company via phone call, WhatsApp, or for your car recovery at a reasonable price. Our timely and satisfactory customer service is our referral to you for contacting us in any car emergency.

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car towing-service

Towing service

Car Recovery Services Abu Dhabi provides the slide bed and flatbed Car Towing Service from the outset, where your vehicle is standing, to your garage with utmost care.

If your car needs recovery and transportation in case of a flat tyre, dead battery, fuel run-out, or accidents, car breakdown, etc. Contact us we are a specialist Car Towing Company.

Sports car recovery

Don’t take any risk; call an expert for your Sports Car Recovery. We provide services for flatbed towing of your expensive sports car all the way to your garage or your trusted repair center without compromising and damaging your car’s health.

If you need urgent road assistance at the road-spot without towing your car to another place, the Sports Car Recovery technical team of Car Recovery Services Abu Dhabi can recover whichever type of breakdown smoothly.  

car jump start

Jump Start

Does your car look for Jump Start services? If your car battery gets dead in the middle of the road, we can Jump Start your car. Contact us for car emergency and roadside assistance.

Jump Start Services Car Recovery Services Abu Dhabi work for discharged and dead automotive batteries for all types of vehicles. Our trained staff brings convenience jumper cables and other tools to revive your vehicle.

Flat Tyre

Getting annoyed because of a flat Tyre and the spare tyre is missing? Getting late from the appointment? Our Car Recovery Services Abu Dhabi team will reach you where you stand on the road the fastest.  

The team at your disposal is upskilled to resolve tyre problems for all car types, whether luxury cars, sports cars, or family cars. Or in case, also tow your car to the nearest repair shop.

flat tyre abu dhabi
car break down

Recovery Breakdown Cars

Breakdown cars recovery is our expertise. We provide complete Recovery Breakdown Car services from fuel & diesel deficiency to mechanical failure of your vehicle.

Car Recovery Services Abu Dhabi facilitate recovery for damaged cars during accidents, engine failure cars. They assist can you in many other situations like a flat tyre, jump start, battery changing, etc.

Replacement Tyre

No need to do the Grunt work for Replacement Tyre. Call a helper to do the repairing and changing of tyres. The helping team of Car Recovery Services Abu Dhabi will bring all the necessary tools and equipment to help you get back on the road with a healthy vehicle and resume your work as early as possible.

Contact the company for roadside assistance, and the team will reach you the fastest and replace new car tyres, installing the suitable ones with alloy rims of your vehicle wheels.  

car replace tyre
car basement pull out

Basement Pullout

Get access to your car with Basement Pullout services. We are experienced in pulling out and towing your cars effortlessly. Car Recovery Services Abu Dhabi pull out your vehicle from off-road zones, parking zones, basements, garages, etc.

Your car safety is our responsibility. That is why we are trusted by many of our customers and clients for secure and great cared recovery for all car types from the basements.

Purchasing Scrap Cars

Want to sell your old car or junk car? We deal with purchasing scrap cars, broken, wrecked, abandoned cars, and those that need extensive and expensive repair. Our transparent and authentic paperwork and title transfer are all smooth from endless negotiations.

If selling your scrap car(s) sounds difficult. Contact Car Recovery Services Abu Dhabi with your car details. After processing and verifying, we will be offering you a reasonably compatible price for your car.

scrap car
car battery-changing

Car Battery Replacement

Battery Changing issues should not interfere with your work. The rescue team at Car Recovery Services Abu Dhabi reaches you swiftly with its professional services for battery changing with a fully charged power pack to re-energize your vehicle.

Expertise is required to change the battery, especially at the roadside. The upskilled team of the company replace your discharged or dead automotive battery by securely fastening a new one.

Looking for 24 Hours Car Recovery in Abu Dhabi ?

We are fully insured and been in business since 2008.
car break down

We provide fast, courteous and inexpensive towing services in Abu Dhabi. We are fully insured and been in business since 2008. We are ready to respond to all your vehicle emergency needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Malik Hassan Nawaz

Managing Director