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5 Best Car Towing Service in Abu Dhabi | 2022 Reviewed

Best Car Towing Service in Abu Dhabi

Before walking through the best Car Towing Service in Abu Dhabi, let’s get a glimpse of:

Significance of Best Car Towing Service in Abu Dhabi 

Nobody wants a car breakdown, especially on the road, where one cannot get through it faster all by oneself. For instance, many people want to avoid flat tyres with significant ruptures or missing spare tyres and tyre replacement tools on the road. Similarly, stuck in deserted areas, running out of fuel, car breakdowns, accidents, or other roadside emergencies often need others’ help.

However, any of these scenarios still happens in the most unexpected moments, and you cannot get car breakdown assistance shortly. That leaves a tow car service the only choice to call in times of need.

What exactly is a towing service?

Car Towing Service helps by rescuing out-of-order cars/ vehicles and transporting them to the desired destination. Depending on the need, you can get your vehicle towed to your home, garage, local repair shop, or any other location. Towing can be loading your car on the bed of another enormous vehicle. Or it can be the act of pulling a car behind another vehicle. Also, it can be a wheel lift for towing or other methods based on the car that needs to be towed.

Towing service needs to be experienced and perform the towing with utmost care to avoid damaging the vehicle. Thus, the sensible thing to do is to keep in contact with your Towing Service in Abu Dhabi. So that you can seek help in dire need without the need to find a new one every time. Also, you can stop worrying about the quality of the services and prices.

However, don’t be late anymore if you haven’t chosen a towing service. We can help you find a good car towing Abu Dhabi. The list we compiled after thorough research on the Towing Services in Abu Dhabi. Here are the factors we consider.

  • Scope of Services
  • Features/ Equipment
  • Response Time
  • Prices
  • Customers Feedback


1. Car Recovery Abu Dhabi 

Car Recovery Abu Dhabi is fully insured and has been in the Towing business since 2007. Further, the company has been serving other services since 1995. The company has towed thousands of vehicles with safety and transparency.

Scope of Services: Car Recovery Abu Dhabi deals with a wide assortment of services that drivers and vehicles might need in roadside and off-the-road emergencies. Their service can cope with all challenging situations, types of cars, and areas from the roadside and remote regions to highways.

A fine point of the company is its expertise in sports car recovery, which ensures the secured recovery and transportation of valuable cars at economical costs.

  • Towing Service
  • All vehicles and Sports Car Recovery
  • Jump Start & Car Battery Replacement
  • Breakdown Car Recovery
  • Tyre Repair & Replacement Tyre
  • Basement Pullout
  • Scrap Cars Purchasing

Features/ Equipment: The company has 254 workers on its team. Further, all the staff, from supervisors to mechanical associates, are experts in their work. As for the equipment is concerned, the tow trucks, recovery trucks, 4 by 4 jeeps and is fueled with all the necessary tools. In short, you can expect car stalling, partial breakdown, and complete breakdown recovery and assistance for mechanical to electrical failures and short or long-distance towing from any type of area, including desserts.

Response Time The company has a fast response time to reach the destination assessed by the vehicle location. To be precise, Car Recovery Abu Dhabi team’s arrival time is less than 30 minutes; however, the time can vary depending on the farther locations. Plus, understanding the need for the vehicle breakdown service or tow truck, the company stays available 24 hours and 7 days a week. You can contact the company via email, form-filling, or call directly.

Prices: For the most part, the company promises to charge the customers very affordable costs for all types of services. Yet there isn’t any pricing mentioned on the website. However, contacting them by filling out the form or calling their website can sort it out. You can ask for a quote depending on the assistance/ services you need.

Customers Feedback: Car Recovery Abu Dhabi has thousands of happy customers, from towing to roadside assistance. It also has five-star ratings corroborating the company is one of the best Car Towing Service in Abu Dhabi.

2. FGF Towing & Recovery

FGF Towing & Recovery is a fully insured company with a car breakdown recovery service and towing in Abu Dhabi. The company started in 2014 and is one of Abu Dhabi’s leading companies.

Scope of Services: FGF towing & recovery offers comprehensive roadside assistance services for standard vehicles to sports cars. Exclusively, when it comes to towing, it deals with a wide scope, from regular to heavy-duty towing. For instance, 3-ton recovery, 7-ton, 10-ton, and 20-ton recovery and towing. Therefore, individuals looking to load and unload heavy objects without requiring too much equipment and save time and money can quickly get their work done with HIAB cranes.

  • Heavy Towing
  • Normal vehicle & Sports Car Recovery
  • Jump Start
  • Basement Pullout
  • Dessert Pullout
  • Road assistance services
  • Tyre Change Services
  • Hiab Crane
  • Locked-Out Service

Features/ Equipment: Following its wide range of services, it possesses a variety of tow trucks and equipment for safe & secure towing and recovery. With a comprehensive range of expertise, its highly experienced and friendly staff help with 24 Hour emergency service. In addition, the company claims to be environment-friendly as well.

Response Time: FGF Towing & Recovery claims their arrival time to be fewer than 25 minutes. In addition, it also stays available 24/7 to serve the drivers and their vehicles with towing & recovery services.

Prices: It has affordable pricing for the services it offers to its users. However, the prices vary according to location. Further, the individuals can also check the pricing from their website.

Customer Feedback: FGF Towing & Recovery also has a happy client base and a rating mark of 5.

3. Alfazal Recovery 

The company owns 20 years of experience and is one of the best Car Towing Service in Abu Dhabi.

Scope of Services: Another exclusive service is the Fuel Delivery Service making it the number one choice for many drivers and vehicles stuck on the road due to fuel emergencies. Also, off-road users with the quad bike can seek assistance should they face any problems. 

  • Towing
  • Punctured Tyre Service
  • Battery Service
  • Scrap Cars Purchasing Service
  • Fuel Delivery Service
  • Quadbike Service

Features/ Equipment: As for the workforce, it has dedicated and highly skilled technicians to help you with mechanical to electrical failures. In addition, it possesses all the high-quality equipment associated with the tow truck in Abu Dhabi needed to get your car back on the road. 

Response Time: Similar to others on the list, the company’s vehicle recovery team is available are on call 24/7. Moreover, it has a reasonable arrival time for all roadside assistance and locations.

Prices: The company has not mentioned prices on its website. So customers can get the quote via call or email. However, many customer reviews put good words about their affordable pricing.

Customer Feedback: All customer reviews substantiate timely and efficient towing alongside car breakdown recovery service in Abu Dhabi.

4. Car towing Abu Dhabi

The following company among the Best Car Towing Service in Abu Dhabi is Car towing Abu Dhabi.

Scope of Services: The company provides all kinds of towing services throughout Abu Dhabi, alongside many other services for roadside assistance.

  • Towing
  • Flat Tyre
  • Fuel
  • Car Battery & Jump Start
  • Car & Sports Car Recovery
  • Breakdown recovery

Features/ Equipment: It owns the latest equipment for low bed recovery to mechanical to electrical breakdown recovery. All team members are qualified and effectively handle all vehicle problems.

Response Time: The company claims to reach the location within a 15 to 30 minutes time frame. Similarly, it also serves as assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Prices: No details about pricing. However, it promises reasonable pricing. In addition, it does not demand any hidden charges.

Customer Feedback: The company has satisfied clients and good ratings owing to its high quality of services. To be precise, it has a 70% rate of the same clients seeking services again.

5. Kassab Car Recovery Services

Kassab Car Recovery Services is trusted to be a quick and reliable vehicle/ car towing service, roadside assistance, and car breakdown service in Abu Dhabi.

Scope of Services: Kassab Car Recovery Services offers an array of roadside assistance services such as:

  • Fuel delivery
  • Vehicle jump start
  • Tyre change
  • Car lockout
  • Sports car towing
  • Wreck recovery
  • Motorcycle towing

Features/ Equipment: The expert team at Kassab Car Recovery assis provides services for any vehicle-related problem.

Response Time: The company has not mentioned its arrival time frame. However, clients’ testimonial signifies their quick and efficient response to handling vehicle problems.

Prices: No pricing is mentioned on the website; individuals can request a quote.

Customers Feedback: The company has many good customer reviews about its services and response time.

Wrapping Up!

All companies mentioned here are best of the best in providing their services, especially for car towing service in Abu Dhabi. For example, car Recovery Abu Dhabi ranks number one among the tow car service providers owing to its expertise and wide range of services, from roadside assistance to towing.