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Six warning signs that you need to change a car tyre

car tyre change warnings

Like any other product with a shelf life, Tires become old and exhausted after a certain amount of use. Utilizing worn tyres can be dangerous on the road since they can cause automobiles to spin out of control. Tyres that aren’t operating as well as they retired from flat tyre service further enhance the risk of becoming stranded in the middle of the road.


It is essential to check the safety of your automobile and tyres regularly, especially while embarking on a vacation. While having a spare tyre might be useful at times, the hazards of driving on tyres that have outlived their usefulness are substantial. As a result, knowing when to change a car tyre is always a smart idea.

And, to be honest, it’s hardly rocket science. Your tyres will notify you of the signals that it’s time to say goodbye! So to choose a flat tyre service in Abu Dhabi, you only need to spot these warning indications. Here are six scenarios.

1. Reduced tyre depth

It is one of the most obvious signs that your tyres need a flat tyre service. As the tyre depth decreases, you are now ready to drop. Unfortunately, many individuals have no idea what a tyre tread is, let alone what tyre depth measurement is. If you fall into this category, pay special attention to the next statement. Maintaining the correct tread depth on your tyre is critical. Since reduced tyre pressures affect grip and stability on the road, ultimately endangering your driving safety.

Determine tread depth to change a car tyre

A useful technique to monitor tread depth is to watch the tread wear indicator integrated into the tyre. These tread wear bars are usually not visible. However, they can notice when the tyre depth reduces below the acceptable level. The test may also use to determine the depth of your tyre tread.

These signs appear when the tread depth is less than 1/16th of an inch. If the tread wear bars are evident in two or three distinct spots on the tyre. Especially fewer than 120 degrees apart on the circle, you should change a car tyre with the best flat tyre services in Abu Dhabi.

Driving with tyres that are less than the recommended tread depth is a criminal offense in Abu Dhabi. So, stay on the right side of the law at all times!

2. Cracks in the sidewall

It would help if you started thinking about getting new tyres the day you see those dangerous fractures on the sidewall, regardless of their cost.

Due to overexposure to UV radiation from the sun, the oils and chemicals in the rubber compound that has kept the tyre intact for so long gradually evaporate or break down, resulting in sidewall cracks. The rubber loses its stiffness with time as well, and cracks occur. As a result, the tread is drying out and losing way, as seen by cracks on the sidewall. Driving with cracks in the sidewall can cause the tread to separate in the middle. Furthermore, it results in a blowout while on the road. You can call the best recovery service to get rid of this flat car tyre for such a situation.

3. Slits and Blisters

Discovering slits, bulges, blisters, or even holes in the rubber surface is a sure sign that your tyre is nearing the end of its life cycle. Fissures and slits are hazardous because they allow air to escape from the tyre, causing it to deflate naturally. Even if you can’t see the leaks and notice that the tyre is losing air, it’s time to take it to the car recovery service station for a professional inspection. If you find yourself in this position, you can look up a flat tyre fix near me to get the best car recovery services.

4. Sounds and Vibrations to change a car tyre

When your tyres vibrate when driving, it’s most likely due to an alignment and balancing issue. Excessive tyre vibration is not only annoying, but it can also cause accidents by impairing driver judgment. Furthermore, tyres suffer severe and uneven wear if the vibration ignores for a long time, culminating in premature removal. Though tyre vibration does not necessarily imply changing a tyre, it is best to explore and rectify the issue. If you need any assistance in this situation, you can call car recovery service .

5. Strange noises to change a car tyre

When tyres make those strange noises, it is as if they are pleading for help! It is the truth about tyres, as dramatic as it may sound. They, too, know when to produce the appropriate noises, which unfortunately often go unreported and unregulated!


For a change, a whining, pounding, and even squeaky tyre is genuinely screaming for attention. These noises can also indicate that the tyres have not properly aligned or that the broken tread. So, the next time you hear those strange noises, check your wheel alignment and, if necessary, change a car tyre.

6. Age of the tyre to change a car tyre

By the age of five, a tyre should be showing signs of substantial wear and surface damage. During this time, its chemical structure begins to deteriorate, affecting the tyre’s performance. When purchasing tyres, make sure to check the manufacturing date. It indicates on the sidewall as a four-digit number. The first two digits represent the week in which the company produces the tyre while the next two digits show the year of production.


Checking for these warning signals at least every two weeks could save you time and money in repairs. Furthermore, it could prevent a tragic accident. If you enjoyed this chapter, be sure to visit our blog area to read some of our other articles, such as the best car towing services for your emergency needs.