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What do you do if you have a flat tyre?

والإطارات المسطحة ،

First of all, whenever you take your car out for a drive, make sure that all the tyres are aired up and in good shape. Secondly, make sure to carry around a spare tyre in your trunk space just in case you run into any والإطارات المسطحة ، emergency. Thirdly, always make certain that you are carrying around the appropriate tools for a flat tyre change. In case, if you ever run into a flat tire situation like this, make sure that if it’s on a busy road you pull your car aside to avoid traffic buildup or accidents on the way. If you have trained yourself to change a flat tyre, then do it to get back on the road or you may call some car recovery company to help assist you with the situation.

Some things to do to stay away from getting a flat tyre:-

  • Tyre Pressure- Make sure to have an equal amount of air in all four of the tires.
  • Weekly Check- Always get your tyres checked weekly from a tyre shop.
  • Tyre Condition- Whenever you head down to the tyre shop, ask the person what the condition of your tyres are and whether you need to replace them or not.
  • Spare Tyre- You always need to carry a spare tyre around with you and make sure its condition is healthy, in case you do have a flat tyre emergency.
  • Tyre change training- It’s best to know how to change a flat tyre. Try practising it at home or ask someone to train you how to. The art of changing a tyre will always come in handy because sometimes you might be in such a place that assistance may not be possible at that time.

Other reasons why you get a flat tyre!

There are several reasons for getting a flat tyre. It could be that the car had not been driving on a smooth road and is used for off-roading purposes which make the tyre wear and tear sooner than it should be. Maybe, it could be due to the health of the tyres that they have been used more than the claimed life expectancy and are starting to get damaged. Another reason could be that there is a piece of glass or a nail stuck in the tyre which has caused a flat tyre emergency.

Always take care of your tyre especially before a long trip!

Always make sure that the condition, tyre pressure and spare tyre are in place especially before taking a long trip in your car. Try going to a tyre shop and talking to the person who will make sure everything is alright. It doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion about the condition of the tyres because safety should be the number one rule. If you have a good set of tyres on your car, then the braking pattern to work with them will be better in case of trying to avoid an accident.