24/7 Car Breakdown Services & Roadside assistance Abu Dhabi

Salem al Housny is a long run business dealing with the Breakdown Vehicles Carrying & Transportation in Abu Dhabi. We are a licensed platform to recover your vehicle via exclusive 24/7 Car Breakdown services & Roadside assistance Abu Dhabi.
We know how much getting stuck on the road is stressful and obstruct your business. Therefore, we revive your car with our quality Car Breakdown services. You need to stay safe and away from heavy traffic in car breakdowns and emergencies. At the same time, our team will approach you the fastest as possible to help you get back on the road again.

car breakdown service

Car Recovery

Car Recovery

Our Exclusive Services!

  • We recover your car on the same spot on the road, and you can save your garage and towing cost.
  • Our smart and passionate experts make sure to recover your car efficiently to let it run nicely for the long term.
  • We have a special team to recover your Sports Car. Our specialized skills Sports Car Recovery Abu Dhabi team will come for car breakdown Roadside assistance if your luxury car is broken.
  • We provide exclusive 24/7 Car Breakdown services & Roadside assistance Abu Dhabi that reach you the fastest of all.
  • Car Recovery Services safely load your car on our strong and equipped tow truck and tow you in case of an incurable breakdown. We take you to your desired place like garages and repair shops.
car breakdown service

No Price Gimmicks and No Hidden Costs!

Our customers trust us in Abu Dhabi as we believe in transparency, and our staff costs only what your car needs. We already have competitive and affordable prices for the exclusive services knocking off all the bargain issues.

Let us help you out to move again on the road.

Feel free to contact us to get your car recovered from a breakdown or towed to your doorstep and garage. Our contact number is 0553192792. You can drop a message on WhatsApp or call us directly for exclusive 24/7 Car Breakdown services & Roadside assistance Abu Dhabi.

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We are fully insured and been in business since 2008.

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